Title: In Memoriam: Emmanuel Gaillard

Author(s): George A. Bermann (View Profile)

Journal: Indian Review of International Arbitration

Source: www.iriarb.com

Prof. Emmanuel Gaillard (1952-2021) was a titan in the field of international arbitration. Prof. Gaillard made immense contributions to the field of international arbitration as a counsel, arbitrator, researcher and academic. A lifelong academic, he shared his knowledge with students across the world in various universities, such as Yale and Harvard. Prof. Gaillard was the Global Head of Disputes and Global International Arbitration Practice Group Leader for 33 years at Shearman & Sterling. Most recently, he had launched the international disputes firm Gaillard Banifatemi Shelbaya Disputes in 2021. Prof. Gaillard was the founding member of the advisory board of IRIArb. This piece is in his honour and memory.

Keywords: International Arbitration, Emmanuel Gaillard, Titan

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