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Centre for Arbitration and Research

Centre for Arbitration and Research

MNLU Mumbai's Centre for Arbitration and Research (CAR) seeks to carry out research in arbitration law and practice, contribute to policy discussion, and provide a platform for the training of arbitration professionals. CAR wishes to emphasize research and training in contemporary and emerging issues of arbitration law, specifically in niche practice areas, often unexplored by academia, but highly relevant for practitioners, such as construction arbitration, maritime arbitration, investment arbitration, sports arbitration, etc. CAR was founded under the patronage of Vice-Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Ukey. CAR's Faculty Coordinator is Chirag Balyan, Assistant Professor of Law at MNLU Mumbai.

Arbitration has been on the rise across India as a preferred choice of dispute resolution. Owing to a cumulative effort from the judiciary, government and the practitioners, arbitration in India, for the first time in a number of years, has been able to reach international standards. At a crucial juncture like this, the need of the hour is to generate awareness amongst the law students and also to ensure that consistent and high quality research is carried in the field. Additionally, owing to arbitration being utilized in niche fields, it is imperative that the stakeholders and service providers therein are professionally trained to provide top-quality services. It is while keeping in mind the aforementioned needs, that the Centre for Arbitration and Research has been set-up in the University.

Vision of the Centre

MNLU Mumbai's Centre for Arbitration and Research (CAR) seeks to serve as a think-tank to generate awareness about arbitration law in theory and in practice and also carry out high quality research in the field to assist policy-formulation by the Government. The Centre also intends to serve as a platform for imparting professional training to the stakeholders in the field of arbitration and cater to all areas of arbitration especially the niche areas.

Objectives of the Centre

  • To create a culture of arbitration by training the young-breed of lawyers and law students through workshops, conferences, symposiums, etc.
  • Carry out extensive research in arbitration law inter alia in specialized fields of Sports Arbitration, Construction Arbitration, Maritime Arbitration, and IP Arbitration.
  • Impart quality training to industry professionals with the help of renowned experts to help improve the level and quality of arbitration services at every step – from practitioners to arbitrators and secretaries to the Tribunal; specifically in areas of arbitration where there is a significant demand for quality services and there is a dearth of trained professionals.
  • Assist the Government in policy-formulation on aspects related to arbitration law in the country.
  • Collaborate and partner with institutions carrying out research and administering arbitration across the globe for perpetuating the culture of arbitration.

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